Kinder Downfall fell race route


A delightful route starting in Hayfield.

The route takes you past Kinder reservoir, up William Clough, along the Kinder plateau edge path via Sandy Heys to Kinder Downfall then on to Kinder Low, before dropping back down to Hayfield. Race report from Lynne can be found on her blog.

Route is approx: 15.4km / 9.6m with 600m / 1968ft ascent.

Parking: either in village of Hayfield (but please respect local homes and businesses) or in the car park to the west of the A624 main road, signposted for the Sett Valley Trail. You'll find a visitor centre in the car park and public toilets. This is also where buses leave/depart from. No train station in Hayfield. 

The route starts in the village centre, running up the road towards Kinder Reservoir. You quickly leave the tarmac behind as you climb up a stony dirt track, and into grassy fields. The ground then changes to typical peat bog/heather paths, characteristic of the Peak District and Kinder Plateau. As you climb up William Clough the path criss-crosses the stream and there are several trods you can take, but stay in the clough close to the stream. The top of William Clough finishes with a few stone steps and the route turns right at the finger-post. 

Next you have a step climb up the western end of Kinder, climbing up a rocky stepped path. At the top you will find yourself running on a sandy/peaty path with sufficient rocks around to keep your focus on foot placement. At Kinder Downfall you may be rewarded with magnificant views of the waterfall blowing upwards - expect a good drenching if there's a westerly wind blowing! 

Cross River Kinder and bear right, continuing along the edge path until you reach the trig point (633m) at Kinder Low....follow the narrow path as it descends down to Edale Cross. You now run down either the rocky path, or hop up onto the left bank for a nicer grassy descent. Bear right and over the stile just after crossing a ford and the route now takes you over farmers fields. Careful to chose the right of way going through Tunstead House Farm, then onto the hardpacked track for the descent down to Bowden Bridge. The route now follows the River Kinder through the campsite on hardpacked track and mud path, before rejoining tarmac on the outskirts of Hayfield and on to the finish.

This is a superb route - on a clear day you can see for miles from the Kinder edge path, you pass the famous Kinder Downfall and fully circumnavigate (from high up) Kinder Reservoir. At Bowden Bridge you pass the quarry which marks the start of the 1932 Mass Trespass onto Kinder, which eventually lead to the right to roam. Finally, Hayfield is a beautiful village with several pubs and cafes worth a visit. The village is also gaining popularity as it's one of the many filming locations for The Village tv show.

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