The Yorkshire Three Peaks


A true classic. For many years, ascending these 3 iconic hills of Yorkshire this has been a badge of honour for walkers and runners alike. In running terms, the route surface is fairly easy under foot - the race, nicknamed 'The Marathon with Mountains' by the organisers has been regarded by some a trail race with 3 fell races in the middle of it. Don't let that make you underestimate it. One the half way point has been reached, there are still 2 mountains to go. The 6 miles of so back to Horton after the ascent of Inglebrough is enough to cause anyone to hit the wall. So fuel up well and bring a map - you're going to need it.


The Route

The route on this site is the race route as run in 2012. Do not attempt to follow this precisely - some of the gpx file takes you off rights of way, and the race even goes through someone's private garden in the last mile.

Set off from Horton towards Pen-Y-Ghent, following a walled bridleway. After about 3km you will find yourself in the open hills, follow the footpath to the right and ascent Pen-Y-Ghent. This ascent is genuinely runnable, although remember you have plenty of miles left to run! After coming off the summit and following your way back, you now follow a combination of footpaths and wider bridleways in the direction of Ribblehead Viaduct. Footpaths go through Sell Gill Holes, Middle Pasture, Borkwith Cave, Nether Lodge and Lodge Hall, to reach the main road which is follow north to Riddlehead Viaduct.

From the viaduct, follow rights of way (not the GPX file) to ascend Whernside from the north. The rocky descent leads you to Chapel-le-Dale where there is a pub!! This would be a good point for your support team (if you have one) to feed you and take any heavy stuff off you before the final push. The path up Ingleborough starts off through innocent looking fields on a wide and easy to follow track. The final pull up the side of the hill will find you climbing and scrambling up blocky rocks to reach the summit plateau area.

Enjoy the views out to the Lake District and then head off on the NE path towards Simon Fell. This path is a long and steady trudge, so take care on the loose parts. The path winds it's way past Nick Pot and the Sulber area before finally reaching Horton near the Railway station.

If you clocked out of the cafe, don't forget to clock back in again and gain membership of the Three Peaks Club (assuming you did this in the 12 time limit.)


Plenty is easily available in Horton and Ribblehead.


 There are plenty of pubs and cafes in Horton-in-Ribblesdale.

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Total Elevation Gain 1667.7 m
Total Elevation Loss 1609.8 m
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Total Distance 34500 m
Total Time 4h 39m 35s
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